Marine Neuroscience Ph.D. (To be completed)

Thesis: The role of electroreception in the feeding behaviour of elasmobranchs

2010 (Feb) - 2014 (Feb)

The ampullae of Lorenzini are complex sense organs, unique to elasmobranchs, and show a range of distribution patterns. To date, relatively little work has been done on the distribution patterns of the ampullary system in species from a wide range of habitats and different genera. The significant role that electroreception plays in feeding behaviour enables us to learn a great deal from a comprehensive analysis of the distribution of receptors, their sensitivity, their relative input to the CNS and their plasticity either during development or during migration from one habitat to another. An understanding of the contribution of passive electroreception in shark feeding can increase our knowledge of how we can prevent attacks on humans.
PhD: University of Western Australia
BSc Hons