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Support Our Sharks (SOS) is a science-based conservation group raising awareness to the threats faced by sharks (and rays) in the 21st century.  SOS was established with the goal of educating the public by promoting conservation, outreach and research to inspire interest in protecting these important animals. To reach this goal, we serve Google advertising throughout the SOS website. This helps us to generate a small, but crucial, source of revenue to support our projects. However, as we do not have full control over the adverts that are shown, we encourage users to report any inappropriate or offensive adverts by emailing the details to us. We will endeavour to do all that we can to remove the reported content.

In addition to advertising revenue, we rely heavily on the kindness of the public to financially support our projects. If you are interested in making a tax deductible contribution to Support Our Sharks you can do so through our donation page. For more information about our work, including details of our current programs and reports on our previous successes, see the links below. Thank you for your continued support.


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