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Go Mercury Free campaign   Stop The Cull campaign

Support Our Sharks is actively involved in shark conservation efforts around the world and encourages all SOS visitors to get involved and make a difference.  Shark protection and conservation is of upmost importance if we wish to maintain a healthy balance in the world's oceans.

Supporting our campaigns doesn't have to be a time consuming or expensive proposition (unless you want it to be). Mostly it is simply a matter of signing a petition or agreeing to copy and paste an email to government officials, but the results that you and others can jointly achieve by these small actions are significant.

Big fishing companies have lots of money behind them and money talks. Large fishing consortiums are able to retain professional lobbyists whose job it is to wine, dine and coerce decision makers into passing legislation in favour of commercial fisheries (which is generally against the best interests of shark populations). Sometimes the only way to go head to head with these companies is by raising an equal amount of money to spearhead a campaign in favour of stricter legislation protecting sharks.

Please take a few minutes to add your support to our campaigns above and invite your friends to do the same and if possible please consider making a donation to Support Our Sharks to ensure we have the resources to keep up our fight to protect sharks.