Shark Database

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Angel sharks (Squatiniformes)Squatiniformes - Angel Sharks

Body raylike; eyes dorsal; two spineless dorsal fins; no anal fin; five gill openings; spiracle large; mouth almost terminal; nostrils terminal with barbels on anterior margin. Maximum length up to 2 m.



Saw Sharks (Pristiophoriformes)Pristiophoriformes - Saw Sharks

Body sharklike; snout produced in a long flat blade with teeth on each side (teeth unequal in size, usually alternating large and small, and weakly embedded); one pair of long barbels; no dorsal fin spines (sometimes present as internal rudiments); anal fin absent; spiracles large. Maximum length 1.4 m.


bramble, sleeper and dogfish sharks (Squaliformes)Squaliformes - Bramble, Sleeper and Dogfish Sharks

Two dorsal fins, with or without spines; anal fin absent; five gill slits; spiracles present; nictitating lower eyelid absent. Many species are known from deep water.



Ground Sharks (Carcharhiniformes)Carcharhiniformes - Ground Sharks

Two dorsal fins (one dorsal fin in the scyliorhinid Pentachus profundicolus, known only from the holotype), without spines; anal fin present; five gill slits, with the last one to three over the pectoral fin; gill rakers absent; eyes with nictitating fold or membrane; spiracles present or absent; intestinal value of spiral or scroll type. Development may be oviparous, ovoviparous, or viviparous.


Macherel Sharks (Lamniformes)Lamniformes - Mackerel Sharks

Two dorsal fins, without spines; anal fin present; five gill slits, last two may be above pectoral fin; spiracles usually present, small and behind eyes; eyes without nictitating membrane; mouth extending well behind eyes.



Carpet Sharks (Orectolobiformes)Orectolobiformes - Carpet Sharks

Two dorsal fins, without spines; mouth very short, confined to being well in front of eyes; nostrils specialized, with prominent nasoral grooves wit barbels in most; spiracles too large, below the eye except in Rhincodon; many with small gill slits and with fifth slit overlapping the fourth behind the origin of pectoral fin.


Bull Head and Horn Sharks (Heterodontiformes)Heterodontiformes - Bullhead and Horn Sharks

Two dorsal fins, each with a spine; anal fin present; five gill slits; eyes without nictitating fold; spiracle present but small; nostrils connected with mouth by deep grove.



Frill and Cow Sharks (Hexanchiformes)Hexanchiformes - Frilled and Cow Sharks

One dorsal fin, without spine; anal fin present; six or seven gill slits; eyes without nictitating fold; spiracle present but small and well behind eye.