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As scientists we have a responsibility to speak out for the protection of sharks, in the international media, to spread awareness and share our expert knowledge with the public.  We often appear in major international newspapers and magazines, and take any opportunity to speak out for sharks on TV and radio.  Please take the time to view and share our media appearances.



July - ABC News Radio - UWA Study revels shark repellent effectiveness

July - 6PR Radio - UWA Study revels effectiveness of Shark Shield device

July - ABC Drive Radio - Shark Shield proves effective



March - BBC World Service - Inside the shark's mind

January - ABC Radio - WA surfers support government's shark cull



December - ABC 720 Radio - Open letter to WA Government to oppose shark cull policy

March - 3CR Radio Melbourne - Out of the blue

February - ABC Current Affair - Mystery shark

February - ABC 720 Radio - Mystery shark discovery sheds light on new species




May - ABC Radio Albany - Shark Attack Public Lecture

March - ABC Perth720 - Shark Biologist Researches Shark 'Off Button' (Alt. Link)

March - ABC Radio 4BC - Shark Repellents


October - ABC Radio National - WA Shark Cull Debate (Alt. Link 1) (Alt. Link 2)

July - RTR FM Radio - 3 Minute Thesis Radio Interview (Alt. Link)