The Wooden Spoon Shark-Repellent

Article by Support Our Sharks (17 August 2014)

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Too many times we have come across products claiming to be ‘the best in shark repelling technology’. We are told they are the answer to protecting ocean users and, of course, they are ‘backed by science’. This is why we have presented the Wooden Spoon repellent; if a shark repellent hasn’t been scientifically tested, and there are no results published in a peer review journal, you simply cannot rely on this device to protect you from a negative encounter with a shark, as is the case for the wooden spoon.

Rarity of shark bites

Wooden Spoon in BCDGiven the rarity of shark bite incidents, companies that sell shark repellent products will likely make a lot of money long before anyone ever has a negative encounter with a shark while using their device (if ever). In fact, users of these devices may actually be putting themselves in harm’s way due to the false sense of security they feel as a result of wearing the device. The truth is that almost all shark repellents sold for personal use have had no scientific studies conducted on their effectiveness.  Therefore, we have no idea what effect these devices might have on a shark’s behaviour, let alone whether they would actually repel a shark.

What research has been conducted?

If you are going to spend your hard-earned cash on a potentially lifesaving device, be sure to ask the company what research has been conducted on its effectiveness.  If they cannot provide you with a journal publication confirming the effectiveness of their device, then we recommend you spend your money on something more useful.

Real shark repellent research

We are currently testing and developing a range of shark repellents that are being carefully scrutinised by our scientists, who actually work with sharks and have studied their sensory biology. Please support real shark repellent research and help us to develop effective solutions to protect ocean users.

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