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Shark Base Citizen ScienceBecome a Citizen Shark Scientist by submitting your shark encounters to our global SharkBase.

Effective management of sharks starts with an understanding of their population status, which will ultimately instruct their future conservation.

Through SharkBase we are building a global network of shark observers collecting vital information about the abundance and distribution of sharks and rays worldwide.  Below you will find useful information to help get you started with SharkBase and become a Citizen Shark Scientist.

Step 1: Sign up/Login to SharkBase and start adding shark sightings. See the Get Started page for useful tips.

Step 2: Invite your friends to join in and compete with each other by sharing your sightings on social media.

Step 3: Ask dive clubs/schools/organisations to join in and encourage their members/students to start submitting sightings. Every month, groups with the most affiliated sightings will be advertised on the SOS social media pages.

Step 4: Please contact your local diving shop or tourism operator and see if they would be willing to display a SharkBase Poster and/or Pamphlet, and encourage their customers to get involved.

Step 5: Conduct a research project using Sharkbase and contribute to shark conservation at the same time.

Step 6: Give a shark conservation talk and encourage others to become Citizen Shark Scientists.