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The general consensus among scientists and the public regarding the status of shark populations is leading to an increasing need for the scientific community to provide information to help guide effective management and conservation actions.

We are committed to doing our part to engage with the public, political figures, and the media to share our scientific research and help improve the management of sharks. Our research covers a range of topics from local, single species, dietary and feeding studies, to worldwide conservation projects assessing the need for improved shark and ray conservation at an international level. Click here for a full list of SOS publications.

Additionally, we believe that engaging the public directly in scientific research, through Citizen Science programs, will provide an important step towards improving understanding and appreciation for the important role that sharks play in keeping our oceans healthy and productive. This is why, in addition to our traditional scientific research projects, we have developed a number of Citizen Science projects that are gathering important data on shark populations worldwide.

Read more about our research and how you can get involved in our Citizen Science projects via the link below.


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