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As scientists we have a responsibility to speak out for the protection of sharks, in the international media, to spread awareness and share our expert knowledge with the public.  We often appear in major international newspapers and magazines, and take any opportunity to speak out for sharks on TV and radio.  Please take the time to view and share our media appearances.



September - Oceans Institute Newsletter - School visit inspires new generation of shark experts (pg. 10)



September - Oceans Institute News - Mystery sharks off Rottnest shed new light on species (pg. 11)

September - Oceans Institute News - Support the sharks film festival (pg. 11)

March - Animal Biology Postgraduate Newsletter - Ryan Kempster in the news

February - Talk About Subi Newsletter - Lunch time talk about sharks (pg 3)



September - UWA Newsletter (pg. 16) - The Last Word...Sharks: Beware of People

September - UWA Newsletter (pg. 13) - Scones and Science for Morning Tea

September - UWA Newsletter (pg. 8-9) - The Shark Challenge

May - UWA Albany - Taking a Bite out of Fiction...Public Lecture

April - Katanning High School Newsletter - Travelling Scientist Visit

April - Oceans Institute Newsletter (pg 12) - Heart Stopping Shark Movie...

February - SPICE UWA - Travelling Scientist Flyer

February - UWA Science Matters (Pg. 10) - Ryan Takes Science to WA Schools



December - Oceans Institute Newsletter (Pg. 7) - Taking Shark Science to Schools

October - UWA Newsletter (Pg. 5) - 3 years in 3 minutes

August - Oceans Institute Newsletter (Pg. 11) - UWA 3 Minute Thesis Winner

April - OCS Newsletter (Pg. 8) - Student Focus: Ryan Kempster



December - Oceans Institute Newsletter (Pg. 6) - Electroreception Article