Shark Base Citizen Science

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DownloadSharkBase was a citizen science project, which allowed members of the public to upload and share their shark encounters, including associated photos. We developed the project to support the online collection and collation of high quality biological records of sharks and their relatives. SharkBase data was freely available to anyone via the Shark Base website, and all the data was uploaded to community databases, such as the The Atlas of Living Australia. Here you will find a downloaded CSV file of all the shark sightings recorded over the 5 year term of the project.

The downloadable file includes all information submitted by users, excluding photos and any personal information related to individual contributors. The downloadable file only contains sightings that have been verified by the SharkBase team. If you wish to access photos of sighting records, you may submit an application to us to access full high resolution photos for use in your project. If you use any data from SharkBase, we simply ask that you cite the database in your reports/publications.  A full citation can be found in the downloadable file.

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